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The Apprenticeship Training Programme (ATP)

For Individuals

This  programme is designed to provide an apprenticeship style tuition model, preparing the trainee for a classical Apprenticeship with a professional performing company.

The trainee learns and develops various and specific skills, insights and performing arts conventions, in conjunction with a tutor/mentor, also offering practical training from within the “market place”.

It is designed to be a self-motivated learning experience. The trainee will be taught, inspired, challenged and nurtured by the tutor(s). However, he/she will be encouraged to seek out various opportunities, take initiative and press-in with full commitment at all times. The trainee will therefore need to be self-disciplined, focused, flexible, able to work unsupervised, as well as with a team and fully dedicated to the professional learning process.



This is a highly flexible training module, tailor-made to suit the needs, skills and theatrical objectives of each individual trainee.  Applicants can choose for a duration of  6 - 12 months (shorter terms by arrangement).

All trainees will receive evaluation and regular individual assessment and critique throughout the development programme. The trainee will also receive a certificate on completion of the course.


Whilst the programme is bespoke to the needs, skills and career objectives of the individual, it will include the following modules:


The ATP is open to those who have either a minimum of 1 years' training with CORE or equivalent (eg. a level 3 qualification in performing arts practice.)

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