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The Individual Development Programme (IDP)

What is the IDP?

The Individual Development Programme is a bespoke programme that has been used since 2009 with Individuals from both the UK and internationally. It is exactly what its title infers: a programme to help any individual develop personally, professionally, creatively and spiritually – using carefully selected initiatives, activities, exercises, discussions, projects and coaching to bring out the person’s individual potential and talents.

How is it structured?

Normally the Coach will arrange a simple structure with the ‘IDP trainee’, e.g., 2 days per month, arranged specifically and individually, to fit around the person’s lifestyle/working life and geographical limitations. Then the person/individual is given specifically-tailored exercises, assignments and projects to complete in their own time, prior to the next training session or meeting.

Who can do this Programme?

This IDP is suitable for anyone over 18 who shows a clear desire to explore and understand their potential and develop their own path, being intentional and willing to apply and work on the equipping assignments given to them. This is a particularly good structure for working people, or parents, or those of an age where they are not able, or do not wish to attend a full-time college/study programme, and want an individual approach to their development.

The bespoke nature of this programme means that it is highly flexible and can suit anyone.

Who leads the Programme?

The programme is designed and led by Danny Scott who has been working internationally for over thirty years in the performing arts, personal development and coaching – both in the corporate sector and arts sector. Danny also brings in additional coaches as necessary for specific requirements to meet the Individual’s needs.


“Danny is able to challenge and bring people beyond their limits whether they are young or old, laypersons or professionals - with a unique gift to unfold their potential physically and spiritually/mentally. Students… are amazed to find themselves enriched and grow in all artistic and personal areas.” (Church leader and Head of ‘Artcross’ Conference Austria)

"Danny is an exceptionally committed teacher. He values the students and believes in their ability, which in turn yields extraordinary results.. His energy, vision and enthusiasm are outstanding...”  (Education Manager - Churchill Theatre, Bromley, UK)

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