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Carefully designed lectures, seminars, workshops and retreats to a bespoke remit reflecting a wealth of experience and study over 35 years. Our experience encompasses a large range: from working with youth in detention centres and special needs right across to companies and corporate CEOs and, of course, in the performing arts.

Progression pathways
Career, calling and professional development

  • VIP (Vision, Inspiration, Potential)

  • What is a Professional?

  • Performance Mentality

  • Career vs Calling

God-inspired Creativity
The Arts – Biblical foundations, relevance and social impact

  • Performing Arts in the bible (incarnation)

  • Creative identity

  • Walking on water

  • What is an Artist?

Hidden Treasures
Engaging disadvantaged and disaffected youth

  • Hidden Treasures Workshop (Who am I, and where am I going?)

  • Reality’s Dream

  • Close your eyes  (so that you can see)

  • Performance Mentality

Active Retreats
Participatory workshops and creative retreats

  • Evoke

  • Creative Writing

  • Out from the shadows

  • Crossing the Threshold

  • Re: Fresh / Re: Set 

Who do you think you are?
Identity, purpose and personal development

  • Identity and Purpose

  • Our dreams are not only for ourselves

  • Standing in your own sun

  • Humble (and proud of it?)

  • The Dynamic Cycle (of Grace)

  • Belief in Grief

Servant leadership
Exploring and maximising potential in your people

  • Through the dust

  • Know vs Flow

  • Bleed to lead

  • Full emptiness

  • Believe to Achieve

  • Leadership & Teambuilding

  • Style & Sphere

Developing teachers, trainers & influencers
CPD in theatre arts, creativity and education

  • Team

  • Beneath the Surface

  • Theatre Specific subjects

Danny Scott is an extremely talented, effective and highly creative professional individual. Danny places a high priority on achieving overall goals and objectives related to the particular task at hand and consistently demonstrates sound ability to interact with his clients and colleagues. A balanced, focused individual who has passion, empathy and purpose.

Michael Knight: Director of' ‘Peer Power’ (Adolescentologist), Australia.

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