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"What a special, key, part of my life journey… you both were not just alongside me, you triggered, facilitated, co-directed the walk on a new and different level of my path. I feel I can dare to extend myself, looking beyond the horizon now, because of this journey. Thank you for being the extraordinary wonderful personalities you are in the various roles you naturally and individually took on to inspire, encourage and challenge me." (Apprentice  - now film maker and actress)

"The way in which Mary and Danny devote themselves to their students and are generally concerned for their growth was very moving. I think I have been re-inspired and spurred on in my own creative-spiritual journey, and it was uplifting to see these guys just trying to bless others and maintain close to God in life, whilst striving after theatrical excellence, and looking always to improve themselves and others. I was also encouraged by meetings I had with them, where they offered advice on my future and encouraged me as a person and an artist." (Placement Student  - now actor and drama teacher)

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