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Students gain distinction in level 3 and 4

This is a tough industry and requires a lot of passion, commitment, a good attitude and resilience. We look for what a Director for a show or film would look for: 


There's no room for 'maybes' - and every director wants to be able to rely on  his cast to show up, be fully committed and give 100%!


Talent doesn't work without a willingness to grow it, to learn and to take correction - potential is only effective when it is realized!


Artists need to be able to take 'rejection', to persevere when things don't look promising and to pick themselves up and keep going when they appear to be 'failing'!

The Audition Process

Part 1:   Workshop

Within a group setting – minimum of 2 hour's participation. The workshop will give you a taste of what we do as well as show us how you work in a group setting. It will involve physical theatre, mime and acting exercises.

Part 2:   Short Monologue

You will present a two minute monologue of your choice showing your acting skills.

Part 3:   Skills and Strengths Questionnaire

This can be done remotely: you will answer a short questionnaire to give us a sense of who you are, your interests and strengths beyond the performing arts. This enables us to see your potential in a broader perspective.


Part 4:   Interview

We want to meet you personally! We want you to get a chance to talk about yourself and your hopes and fears, as well as give you a chance to ask us questions. (This can also be done remotely if you live a long way away)


If you take part in one of our TASTER workshops or open day workshops, you can be assessed for credits which count towards the audition process:

10 credits = you only need to do part 3 and 4 of the audition process

5 credits = you need to do parts 2, 3 and 4 of the audition process

0 credits = you must do the whole audition process.


In the taster workshop or open day we will look for:

ATTENDANCE: Were you on time, reliable, communicative about attending your audition?

ATTITUDE: Did you have a positive attitude about yourself and others? Did you show willingness to work with othes and not compete? Did you have respect for the trainers and the others in your group?

APPLICATION: Did you show willingness to listen, apply instruction and take correction?

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