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More Student feedback

Survey (anonymous) - 5 students

What were your expectations of this year's training?
  1. Learning more about myself as a performer, removing barriers to free expression, overcoming performance anxiety. Also, having fun working with others to discover the exciting possibilities in creating characters, scenes and scripts.

  2. Starting afresh. Hoping that this course would be independent and different from strict college grounds.

  3. I expected so much, as it sounds like the dream course! Accepted for being good at what you love without having to fit in this box of education system — my expectations were high & was met completely

  4. To see growth not only in my skill and application of the performing arts but self growth, in who I am, my being aka C.O.R.E.

  5. To improve and learn at a higher standard

Did the course meet your expectations? 
  1. I loved the vision, enthusiasm and professionalism that were shown by the course leaders. I enjoyed working with the group of great students especially during improvisations. 

  2. Yes. The teachers were very helpful to maintaining our understandings of story plots, characters. And keeping everything afloat with our passions and sharing our interests altogether in the story of “Buckets“

  3. They met and went above expectations. This course is a life changer - it opens your eyes to the  “Rich life in theatre and rich theatre in life”

  4. The course has well exceed my expectations. The person I am now is completely different to the person I was at the beginning of the course. I am a lot more confident in the performing arts but more importantly I am more confident in me. Allowing me to truly understand my identity as a young artist in the making.

  5. Yes I saw improvement in everyone.

What were key learning points for you personally this year?
  1. Learning more about why I want to be in the arts and what I need to grow in my own way. I like learning and I like to see results but not ones that are assessed against a criteria or measured in a conventional sense. I enjoy an organic process that involves working together with others and enjoy responsibility when I allow myself to feel empowered to lead in my own style. It would have been healthier for me to take on responsibility gradually rather than in one heap, as I take my roles to heart and need to learn to manage them healthily first, before taking on too much.

  2. Making a perfect show from scratch, having a good working chemistry with the other students and creating an amazing production.

  3. Learning about me. Understanding the history or Theatre & the Practitioners methods of Acting;  Devising Theatre; 1-1 tutoring

  4. The dream (moment before). All movements start centrally from your core (Physical theatre and devising)

  5. Physicality, voice, acting technique, Physical Theatre

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