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Quotes from inspection Reports (Grade 1 - excellent)

  • The teacher picks up on learning points from each improvisation and explains it to the class. The Teacher demonstrates the technique very effectively. The students appeared awestruck by the teacher’s acting – very inspirational.

  • ​An excellent lesson. All students were very willing to participate in discussion and acting exercises. The Teacher has created a very ‘safe’ environment in which student feel comfortable to participate. A well plan and very well delivered session in which students made excellent progress.

  • ​Good teacher subject knowledge, communication and confident delivery. Good relationships with students. Much enjoyment of session evident. Very positive attitudes to learning. The teacher adapts the lesson continuously in the light of student responses to exercises and gives good feedback both during and after improvisation.

  • A lively and enjoyable session, producing very good responses from students.

  • ​The teacher skilfully allows students to take part in activities, then makes pertinent learning points. The teacher has created an atmosphere in which students feel comfortable to participate and share, there is no difficulty in getting volunteers to take part and the ‘audience’ watches attentively. Excellent focus enjoyment, engagement and response.

  • The teacher’s questions effective bring previous knowledge to focus. She modifies the lesson plan appropriately. An excellent lesson, well planned, much participation, engagement and enjoyment. The teacher very skilfully uses student activities to illustrate important learning points.

  • ​You modelled and used Q&A to explore the task. Your Q&A on  eg. movement/tone of voice encouraged them to physically portray status and role. You asked ‘critical’,  ‘searching’ questions. Some very imaginative interpretations of the task – encouragement to think outside the comfort zone, building creative interpretation, team collaboration in the group task. You guided the set up before they got going on the exercise. You used peer evaluation of the improvisation, geared the comments to be specified and you clarified eg. how to feed information to their partner. You deepened/widened the reflection about the task by doing this. Q&A after each role play: formative assessment to build skills and you pushed them on reflecting via critical questions. You used good methods to keep the class focussed.

  • Hands on, pacey, use of humour and encouragement, good rapport.

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