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CORE is a professional level training company in physical theatre and acting with a solid emphasis on the classical “Theatre Apprenticeship” training model. With 30+ years experience and using proven training methods,  combined with our unique mentoring approach,  we develop the whole person, in order to equip our trainees to identify their God-given calling and use their gifts to impact culture and society for good.


One of our unique qualities lies in our ability to identify your strengths, regardless of your experience and training, and develop you further. You will be challenged, receive practical skills and confidence to make your next step, whether you want to take qualifications with Trinity College London, train as a teacher or get an agent as you step into the challenging world of the performing arts. Training groups are kept small to ensure individual attention and you receive a wealth of transferrable skills to equip you for life in the workplace.


CORE's uniqueness lies in our attention to individual coaching, personal and professional development whilst maintaining a culture of excellence and rigorous discipline. We engage trainees in professional productions for on and off stage experience, and in collaborative works with other artists and musicians. Admission is by audition only  (min age 16) no educational qualifications required, as admission is based on Potential, Passion and Perseverance that are essentials required to thrive in this industry and in life!

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